Network Design

The Edison Technology Groupís network design services include designs of new networks as well as evaluations of existing ones. Proposals for new networks are drafted by highly skilled and certified professionals who take into consideration many variables, including building layout, redundancy, cost, and current network standards. Existing networks are tested and evaluated, physically and logically, for potential problems and weaknesses. After evaluating the network, ETG will propose a solution based upon your network analysis. We offer competitive pricing on network and hardware upgrades. Trade in your old system for the latest technology. Ask our representatives about how you can get money for your outdated hardware!

Structured Wiring

ETG provides professional installation and repair of data and voice cable for use in networks. We install many types of transmission media including Category 6 UTP, Fiber and wireless networks. We utilize high quality products from well- known manufactures such as Ortronics, Siemans, and Leviton. All cables are thoroughly tested and certified after installation or repair.

Digital Signage

Iím sure you have gone into a supermarket, retail store or a bank and have seen those flashy plasma TV's displaying company and vendor information, that is digital signage. ETG can sit down with you and design a signage system that will integrate streaming video via the Internet or a DVD and a fully changeable advertising or marketing campaign to be shown to all of your customers. This system will have the functionality to be updated whenever it is necessary without your customers ever seeing a blip in the system.


Our Network Specialists can design and implement a Voice Over IP (VOIP) solution that fits your companies needs. ETG can install a IP telephony system that will allow your business to integrate and roll over to a VOIP solution. This solution will enable your company to use your private IP and Internet connection for both voice and data communications. You will not only save on long distance charges and increase your return-on-investment, but enable your employees ó wherever they are ó to work as a single, unified company on the same enterprise-wide telephone system

Security and Video Surveillance

Vandalism and break-ins cost businessís millions of dollars each year. ETG can help put an end to that. Our Security Technicians are able to design and install a system that will integrate with your existing computer network giving you the ability to record real time and view the live or recorded feed from the comfort of your home.

Corporate Relocations

We specialize in relocating companies. We provide complete redesign and installation of office networks for data and voice as well as redeployment of equipment and services at both central and remote sites.

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For more information about the services we provide, e-mail us at or give us a call at 732-943-2977.